Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence

The quarterly Bulletin of the IANSA Women's Network in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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This edition includes: Network news • Kenya: Practical learning for peace • Voices of African women • UN SC Open Debate on 1325 • Sri Lanka: Women, war and displacement • Empowerment through exchange • Women in Liberia: Fighting for peace • Violence and small arms: the Portuguese case • Special Focus: 16 days of activism - Events in 38 countries • Trafficking women and guns in India's Northeast • Announcements: IANSA women on Nigeria’s NATCOM • UN First Committee on Disarmament: IANSA women address delegates: and information about events and resources.
This edition includes: Network news • Argentina: Women campaign in Santa Fe • Peace by piece – towards human security • Burundi: DAGROPASS and the Urgent Action Fund Africa • UN SCR 1820 on Sexual Violence: Special Focus: Disarming domestic violence - Advocacy at the 3rd UN BMS on Small Arms: Announcements • 1325 National Action Plans - Perspectives • IANSA becomes a member of GAPS UK: and information about events and resources.
Includes: The trauma of tragedy: The long term effects of the Albanian ammunition explosion: Network news • Uganda: Using 1325 in small arms research • Success at the Dublin Conference on Cluster Munitions • South-South cooperation: Blue Veins and SAP Nepal • West Africa: Bridget Osakwe leads expert SALW workshop • Argentina: First regional workshop on gender and peacekeeping (SCR 1325): Special Focus: Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence • WN activism in Afghanistan, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Burundi, Cameroon, Costa Rica, DRC, Denmark, El Salvador, Guinea, India, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Namibia, Serbia, Senegal, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and the UK: Announcements • Third Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms • Deweaponisation and Civil Society (DEWs): Events and Resources.
Main story: Being part of the process: Gun law reform in Namibia: Network News • Senegalese women reflect on gun use • Jordan: Raising awareness • Burundi: Committed to the Nairobi Protocol • Western Balkans: Guns and domestic violence: Special focus CSW - IANSA women at the UN Commission on the Status of Women: Announcements • Dr Christiane Agboton Johnson, new Deputy Director of UNIDIR • Gender and SSR Toolkit • Week of Action Against Gun Violence: Announcements and Resources.
This edition includes: How an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) could help to reduce gender based violence • Network news • The 2008 Bertrand Russell Peace Lectures • Women's role in Argentina's 2007 gun buyback • Gender and guns in the Middle East and North Africa • Special Focus: 16 days of activism against gun violence: Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, DR Congo, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sudan and Tanzania • Announcements • WN joins UN Working Group • 1325, wars, weapons and conflict prevention • Guns & domestic violence in the Balkans • UN Commission on the Status of Women • SSR: Post-conflict gender sensitive police reform • and information about events and resources.
This edition includes: Implementing UN SCR 1325 in non-conflict contexts • Network news • Philippines: WN members awarded • Network on Household Energy • Ghana: National Commission on Small Arms • Gathering of Women in Black • Burundi: Women's disarmament initiatives • USA: National Day Against Illegal Guns • WN members at DDR course • Special Focus: UN SCR 1325 - Vanessa Farr of UNDP speaks on UN SCR 1325 • Announcements • 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence • The WN and the European Feminist Forum • Testimonies from Central America • and information about events and resources.
This edition includes: Strength in solidarity - The Manipuri Women Gun Survivors Network • Network News • Week of Action Against Gun Violence • People's Consultations on an ATT • West African WN activism • Domestic violence and gun laws • Remedy and reparation • Nigerian members raise alarm • South Africa: Women, violence and guns • The Survivors Project • Meet the WN team • Announcements • and information about events and resources.