International: IANSA women at the UN DPI conference 2009: 'Gun Violence – Women Speak Out'

21 September 2009

During the UN Department of Public Information (DPI/NGO) Conference in Mexico City from 9-11 September 2009, 340 organisations from 55 countries endorsed the Arms Trade Treaty, stronger gun control and disarming domestic violence.

The Conference Declaration was adopted unanimously in the closing session and includes:

"14. Harmonize laws on domestic violence with laws for the prevention of violence committed with small arms;"

To read the Declaration, go to:

In the workshop 'Gun Violence – Women Speak Out' on 10 September, IANSA women discussed how women bear the brunt of the arms trade from sexual violence as a weapon of war, to armed domestic violence in countries at peace. Speakers included:

  • Maria Paula Cellone, Associacion para las Politicas Publicas (APP), Argentina;
  • Margarita Guillé Tamayo, la Red Nacional de Refugios, Mexico;
  • Martha Figueroa, COLEM, Chiapas, Mexico;
  • Marie Claire Faray Kele, IANSA WN/WILPF, DRC/UK.

A complete report is in WN Bulletin #20, October 2009.