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Since 1998 a wide range of publications and resource materials have been produced by the IANSA Network. Production has been possible with donations and grants and all publications are produced on a non-profit basis by a small staff, including interns and volunteers who have assisted with translations and at various other levels within the production process.

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UN Secretary-General Report on Small Arms and Light Weapons 19 September 2013
The present report builds on the 2011 report of the Secretary-General on small arms (S/2011/255) and updates the Security Council on a number of topics that are within its specific purview. These include current and emerging concerns on the issue of illicit small arms that have an impact on peace and security around the world, in particular in Africa, the protection of civilians in armed conflict and sexual violence in conflict.
Bulletin 27: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 06 February 2012
This edition includes: Special Focus: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence • Turkey: National conference on Women's Perspectives on Individual Disarmament • Papua New Guinea: Women Only Training Institute • UK: WILPF Autumn seminar • Israel: Gun Free Kitchen Tables Campaign successes • African Union: Success on SALW control and gender • US: White Paper on 1325 National Action Plan • Upcoming UN Conferences: Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and UNPoA on small arms • Resources and announcements
Resultados: Estudio Incidencia de las armas de fuego en la violencia de genero 19 October 2011
Esta investigación se ha centrado en el impacto de las armas de fuego en la violencia de género e intrafamiliar, es decir, el impacto de la violencia que proviene del uso de armas de fuego en los hogares de las mujeres.
Civil Society Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender 18 August 2011
The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) is a leading institution in the area of security sector reform and governance. DCAF has developed this tool designed to be a resource for civil society organisations (CSOs) engaged in oversight of the security sector, as well as those CSOs that seek to play a more active role in this regard. The tool is also relevant for policymakers and officials in national governments, international and regional organisations, and donor countries around the world that are engaged in designing and implementing security sector reforms and that could play an active role in strengthening and supporting civil society engagement.
Implementing the Women, Peace and Security Resolutions in Security Sector Reform 15 September 2010
The focus of the Tool is national-level implementation of the standards set by the four UN Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security (1325, 1820, 1888 and 1889) in security sector institutions. Reflecting the text of the resolutions, the Tool focuses on reforms in the defence forces, police and the justice sector. Issues examined include: DDR, vetting, specialised services for victims of sexual violence, prosecution of violence against women in armed conflict, measures to increase women’s leadership in police and defence organisations and to promote deployment of women in peacekeeping, peacekeepers’ training, operational strategies to prevent sexual violence, and gender justice.
Sobrevivientes: Mujeres afectadas por la violencia armada 31 May 2008
Las mujeres narran sus experiencias con violencia armada, en sus propias palabras. Estas experiencias varían de la tortura en América Central a la violencia doméstica en Europa; de un fuego cruzado en Asia al llorar por la pérdida de un hijo en las Américas. En ocasiones espeluznantes y alentadoras, las dieciseis historias pintan un cuadro sobre el impacto que las armas tienen en las vidas de mujeres.
Gender & Security Sector Reform Toolkit 31 January 2008
This Toolkit is an initial response to the need for information and analysis on gender and SSR. It is designed to provide policymakers and practitioners with a practical introduction to why gender issues are important in SSR and what can be done to integrate them.
Survivors: Women affected by gun violence speak out 31 May 2006
‘Survivors’ presents women’s experiences of gun violence in their own words. These experiences range from torture in Central Africa to domestic violence in Europe; from crossfire in Asia to grieving the loss of a murdered child in the Americas. Harrowing and at times hopeful, the sixteen stories paint a picture of the impact of guns on ordinary women’s lives.
The Impact of Guns on Women’s Lives 31 May 2005
This report looks at the impact on women of guns in the home, in communities and during and after conflict. In each of these contexts, it looks at violence committed with guns against women, the role women play in gun use, and the campaigns women are spearheading against gun violence.
Los efectos de las armas en la vida de las mujeres 31 May 2005
Este informe estudia los efectos que las armas de fuego tienen para las mujeres en el hogar, en las comunidades y también durante un conflicto y después de él. En cada uno de estos contextos, analiza la violencia cometida con armas de fuego contra las mujeres, el papel que éstas desempeñan en el uso de estas armas y las campañas que encabezan las mujeres contra la violencia que se comete con dichas armas.