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IANSA publications

Since 1998 a wide range of publications and resource materials have been produced by the IANSA Network. Production has been possible with donations and grants and all publications are produced on a non-profit basis by a small staff, including interns and volunteers who have assisted with translations and at various other levels within the production process.

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Men, masculinity and guns: can we break the link? 01 May 2009
This paper examines how constructions of masculinities and femininities work to legitimate the belief that an acceptable and adequate man is one who is willing and able to coerce others by violent means. It also looks at how the association between power and violence in broader social structures serves to perpetuate gun violence. It argues that a violent masculinity is not inevitable.
Bulletin 18: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 30 April 2009
This edition includes: Network news • Sweden: Global Security Trends • PNG: 'The way we live reflects our fears' • IANSA urges Norway to amend gun laws • Promoting Peace in West Africa • ATT: time for Asia Pacific to get on board • Special Focus: IANSA women at the Commission on the Status of Women • The unspoken link between guns and HIV-AIDS • Towards an ATT: women's rights • Announcements • ATT: regional seminars • Colombia: new law on violence against women includes gun possession • Global Week of Action • Peace & security in South Asia • Liberia launches 1325 NAP: and information about events and resources.
Bulletin No. 18: Les Femmes au Travail: Prévenir la Violence par les Armes à Feu 30 April 2009
Histoire Principal • Haïti : Le Contre-Rapport de la CEDAW met en avant la violence armée • L’actualité du Réseau • Suède : les tendances de la sécurité mondiale • PNG : « notre mode de vie reflète nos peurs » • IANSA exhorte la Norvège à modifier sa législation des armes à feu • Promouvoir la paix en Afrique de l'Ouest • TCA : il est temps que l'Asie-Pacifique monte à bord • Attention Spécial : les femmes du RAIAL à la Commission sur le Statut de la Femme • Le lien caché entre les armes et le VIH-SIDA • Vers un TCA : les droits des femmes • Annonces • TCA : séminaires régionaux • Colombie : une nouvelle loi sur la violence contre les femmes inclut la possession des armes à feu • Semaine mondiale d'action • La paix et la sécurité en Asie du Sud • Le Liberia lance un Plan d’Action National (PAN) 1325 • Evénements • Ressources
Bulletin 17: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 29 January 2009
This edition includes: Network news • Kenya: Practical learning for peace • Voices of African women • UN SC Open Debate on 1325 • Sri Lanka: Women, war and displacement • Empowerment through exchange • Women in Liberia: Fighting for peace • Violence and small arms: the Portuguese case • Special Focus: 16 days of activism - Events in 38 countries • Trafficking women and guns in India's Northeast • Announcements: IANSA women on Nigeria’s NATCOM • UN First Committee on Disarmament: IANSA women address delegates: and information about events and resources.
Bulletin No. 17: Les Femmes au Travail: Prévenir la Violence par les Armes à Feu 29 January 2009
Histoire Principal • SIDA et armes légères • Actualitiés du Réseau • Kenya: travaux pratiques pour la paix • Les voix des femmes africaines • Débat ouvert sur la Résolution 1325 • Sri Lanka: les femmes, la guerre et les déplacements • L'autonomisation via l’échange • Les femmes au Libéria : lutter pour la paix • La violence et les armes légères : le cas du Portugal • Attention Spéciale: Les 16 jours d'activisme contre la violence faite aux femmes • La traite des femmes et des armes dans l'Inde du Nord • Annonces • La NATCOM du Nigeria • Premier Comité des ONU sur le Désarmement • Calendrier • Nouvelles ressources
Women in the Crossfire: UNSCR 1325 and Small Arms 30 October 2008
UN Security Council Resolution (SCR) 1325 has proven to be a decisive mandate in the field of small arms policy and practice. This information sheet provides details of potential entry points.
Bulletin 16: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 30 September 2008
This edition includes: Network news • Argentina: Women campaign in Santa Fe • Peace by piece – towards human security • Burundi: DAGROPASS and the Urgent Action Fund Africa • UN SCR 1820 on Sexual Violence: Special Focus: Disarming domestic violence - Advocacy at the 3rd UN BMS on Small Arms: Announcements • 1325 National Action Plans - Perspectives • IANSA becomes a member of GAPS UK: and information about events and resources.
Bulletin 16: Les Femmes au Travail : Prévenir la Violence par les Armes à Feu 30 September 2008
Actualitiés du Réseau • Journée internationale de la paix • Argentine : une campagne des femmes du Santa Fe • La paix « en kit » - des mesures pour la sécurité humaine • Burundi: DAGROPASS et le Fonds Africain d'Action d’Urgence • La Résolution 1820 sur la violence sexuelle: Histoire Principal et Attention Spéciale Désarmer la violence domestique: sensibilisation lors de la 3ème RBE: Annonces • 1325 : perspectives • IANSA devient membre de l’Action de Genre pour la Paix et la Sécurité - GAPS: Calendrier et Nouvelles ressources.
When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2006 Homicide Data 31 July 2008
An annual report prepared by the Violence Policy Center detailing the reality of homicides committed against women. The study analyzes the most recent Supplementary Homicide Report (SHR) data submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This is the first analysis of the 2006 data on female homicide victims to offer breakdowns of cases in the 10 states with the highest female victim/male offender homicide rates, and the first to rank the states by the rate of female homicides.
Bulletin 15: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 30 June 2008
Includes: The trauma of tragedy: The long term effects of the Albanian ammunition explosion: Network news • Uganda: Using 1325 in small arms research • Success at the Dublin Conference on Cluster Munitions • South-South cooperation: Blue Veins and SAP Nepal • West Africa: Bridget Osakwe leads expert SALW workshop • Argentina: First regional workshop on gender and peacekeeping (SCR 1325): Special Focus: Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence • WN activism in Afghanistan, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Burundi, Cameroon, Costa Rica, DRC, Denmark, El Salvador, Guinea, India, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Namibia, Serbia, Senegal, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and the UK: Announcements • Third Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms • Deweaponisation and Civil Society (DEWs): Events and Resources.