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IANSA publications

Since 1998 a wide range of publications and resource materials have been produced by the IANSA Network. Production has been possible with donations and grants and all publications are produced on a non-profit basis by a small staff, including interns and volunteers who have assisted with translations and at various other levels within the production process.

Please note: Not all of the titles within this section are necessarily IANSA publications, nor all publishers/authors IANSA members. Please contact us if you have any queries.

DCAF Policy Paper: Poster Boys No More: Gender and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste 11 February 2010
Henri Myrttinen breaks new ground in examining the gender dimensions of the DDR and SSR processes in Timor-Leste, with a focus on the establishment of the police and armed forces. The paper explores issues such as: how men’s roles relate to gang violence and relationships of patronage that undermine the security services, how women have been incorporated into the new security services and how the security services are addressing gender-based violence.
Bulletin 21: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 20 January 2010
This edition includes: A pathway to women's empowerment: the first Training Institute on women and SALW control • Network news • DRC: Marking and registering SALW • Gender and UN peacekeeping operations • 1325 monitoring checklist • Knowledge becomes action: ATT and women • OSCE: Women and small arms control • SCR 1325 and 1820: Indicators • South Africa: Disarm Domestic Violence • Special Focus: 16 Days of Activism Against Gun Violence • Canada: Montreal Massacre, 20 years on • and information about events and resources.
Sexed Pistols: The Gendered Impacts of Small Arms and Light Weapons 19 January 2010
IANSA woman Vanessa Farr is one of the editors of a new book 'Sexed Pistols: The Gendered Impacts of Small Arms and Light Weapons' which draws on experience and research from around the world on the nexus of gender, age, violence and small arms in developing and developed countries.
UK: Parliamentarians Guide to Women, Peace and Security 01 January 2010
A five-minute guide for Parliamentarians - What is the Women Peace and Security perspective? What is the UK National Policy? What has the international community done? Includes a case study on Afghanistan.
Women peace and security: The role of an ATT 29 October 2009
This briefing paper argues that global standards for the international import, export and transfer of conventional arms and ammunition should prohibit transfers where there is a significant risk that the transfer will be in used to violate women’s human rights or perpetuate a pattern of gender-based violence. It argues that international law demands linking the norms of an ATT with UN Security Resolutions 1325, 1820, 1888, and 1889, and obligations under international human rights and international humanitarian law.
Bulletin 19: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 30 July 2009
This edition of the Bulletin focus on the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign and includes: Campaign aims and objectives; Launch events worldwide; and How to get involved.
Gender & Security Sector Reform Training Resource Package 24 July 2009
The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package is a series of practical training materials to help trainers integrate gender in SSR training, and to deliver effective gender training to SSR audiences. It contains a wide range of exercises, discussion topics and examples from the ground that can be used in SSR training, and provides tips on integrating gender into the entire SSR training cycle—from conducting a training needs assessment to monitoring and evaluation.
Global Monitoring Checklist on Women, Peace and Security 10 June 2009
The Global Monitoring Checklist is a pilot research project designed to contribute towards international understanding on women, peace and security efforts. It highlights relevant activities at the local and national level by women, civil society, national governments and the international community. It is not a comprehensive survey of all initiatives relating to women, peace and security; rather, it is a first step in gathering and collating information that links directly to UNSCR 1325 implementation.
Men, masculinity and guns: can we break the link? 01 May 2009
This paper examines how constructions of masculinities and femininities work to legitimate the belief that an acceptable and adequate man is one who is willing and able to coerce others by violent means. It also looks at how the association between power and violence in broader social structures serves to perpetuate gun violence. It argues that a violent masculinity is not inevitable.
Bulletin 18: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 30 April 2009
This edition includes: Network news • Sweden: Global Security Trends • PNG: 'The way we live reflects our fears' • IANSA urges Norway to amend gun laws • Promoting Peace in West Africa • ATT: time for Asia Pacific to get on board • Special Focus: IANSA women at the Commission on the Status of Women • The unspoken link between guns and HIV-AIDS • Towards an ATT: women's rights • Announcements • ATT: regional seminars • Colombia: new law on violence against women includes gun possession • Global Week of Action • Peace & security in South Asia • Liberia launches 1325 NAP: and information about events and resources.