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  • USA: ‘It did not have to happen': Murder/suicide spotlights fight against domestic violence
    The glow of a hundred candles illuminated the faces of the somber crowd gathered in front of a small blue house on Churchill Drive Thursday night. The flames revealed the grief-stricken faces of friends and family mourning the loss of Karon Barrow. Police say Barrow, 21, was shot and killed a week ago by her boyfriend, Ja’cole Wilson, 22, who then turned the gun on himself.
  • USA: Iowa's Attorney General asks lawmakers to pass a measure that would prohibit domestic abusers from possessing guns
    Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is talking Friday about the importance of a bill on its way to the House that he says will help protect victims of domestic violence.
  • Canada: Giving voice to a silent witness
    Domestic violence is a problem that not only affects families but also affects communities, and last week 100 members of the community attended a Silent Witness ceremony in recognition of Bernice Gertrude (Falkenham) Mills at the Fundy Geological Museum. Her husband shot Mills to death in her home before he turned the gun on himself on Oct. 17, 1997. Mills was 58 years old when she died.
  • Monthly Action Points (MAP) for the Security Council: March 2010
    For March, in which Gabon holds the Security Council Presidency, small arms trafficking will be an area of discussion for the Security Council, and we look forward to the Council's specific engagement on the substantial women, peace and security aspects of this issue.
  • UK: Rape 'now gang weapon of choice'
    The focus of the debate on gangs has long centred on young men involved in knife and gun crime. But has the gang culture's impact on girls been overlooked?
  • USA: Professor targeted by US gun lobby over her UN Human Rights Report
    The polarizing and powerful emotions surrounding gun ownership hit close to home Friday for University of Minnesota Professor Barbara Frey. Frey, director of the University's Human Rights Program through the Institute for Global Studies, was a special rapporteur on small arms for the United Nations from 2002 to 2006 and advocated for tighter gun regulation. Last Friday, Frey started to receive "hate mail" from people, she said. At first she didn't understand why this would appear now, because her last report had appeared in 2006. Then she discovered an article posted online at the end of January by the National Rifle Association, in which Frey and a report she had written were cited.
  • India: Women call for end to gun culture
    "We hate gun culture" said womenfolk of Chingmeirong of Imphal west district who staged a sit-in demonstration in protest against gun attack at the residence of an official of the Manipur Health Service hailing from the locality on Friday.
  • Eritrea: Women at war: How roles are changing
    Meriem Omer was a girl soldier in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Eritrea (EPLF). She says that although she felt a sense on empowerment, as a woman at war, she knew she also faced additional risks. "We were more vulnerable than men," she says. "Boys would be tortured, but women would always be raped and tortured and ultimately killed." She added, "The experience of that conflict made me learn and grow up and believe in negotiation and peace. It's not always a solution to carry a gun and fight."
  • USA: Shooting reveals history of violence
    When a young woman in Massachusetts killed her brother with a shotgun in 1986, no ballistics tests were done, and police waited more than a week to question family members. The death was ruled an accident. Now, a quarter-century later, Amy Bishop is accused in another shooting -- an attack that killed three fellow biology professors at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
  • USA: Police Identify Victims Of Deadly Courthouse Shooting
    Gatesville police Tuesday identified the two victims of a deadly shooting late Monday afternoon outside of the Coryell County Courthouse as Carrie Dean Stroope, 42, and David Louis Henry, 46, both of Gatesville. Police said Stroope and Henry had been in a relationship that had ended and that the woman was seeking counseling.
  • South Africa: Woman shot and killed, ex-boyfriend suspected
    In June last year, Nomalanga Nkosi, 37, laid a charge of pointing a firearm against her former boyfriend. This week, he allegedly used that gun to kill her.
  • Canada: Women's Voices Silenced Yet Again
    The Ad Hoc Coalition for Women's Equality and Human Rights comment that while the end of Canada's parliamentary session has stopped a national investigation into violence against Aboriginal women, Bill C-139 to repeal the gun registry will proceed. The private members bill passed its second reading in November 2009. Upon return of Parliament on 3 March 2010, the bill will be revived to the stage it was at prior to prorogation. That means it will be subject to a third reading when Parliament resumes its next session. If the bill passes its third reading, the long gun registry set up in response to the Montreal massacre of 14 women will no longer exist.
  • International: Creating Momentum for Women's Participation
    Paula Fray of IPS interviews Anne-Marie Goetz, UNIFEM chief advisor for Governance, Peace and Security.
  • DRC: More Than 8,000 Women Raped Last Year by Combatants in Eastern DRC
    Rape and sexual violence at gunpoint is facilitated by the availability, presence and use of small arms.
  • Guatemala: Increasing insecurity for women
    "Activist Rosario Escobedo, of the Sector de Mujeres group, said she feels that violence will not be done away with by arming oneself and it is the duty of the authorities to provide security for the public."
  • Palestine: Son of Nazareth deputy mayor arrested for shooting wife to death
    Basel Salam, denies that he shot his wife Hala, and allegedly told police that an unlicensed pistol found at the family home went off by accident.
  • USA: He got a gun because 'everyone else' had one
    In the process of showing off a 9 mm handgun, Calvin D. Jones — son of the former Nebraska running back by the same name — shot his then-girlfriend, Bria Bell, blinding her.
  • Jamaica: Women, bodies and borders
    "NO INVADERS. If you cross deh so (pointing to an invisible line in the road) yu dead, just dead," is how a 67-year-old woman from the Lyndhurst/Greenwich area describes the repercussions of crossing the 'border' in her war-torn community.
  • Two new reports from The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre - UN SCR 1820 and women in peace operations
    The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre has released 2 new reports on UN SCR 1820, and women in peace operations.
  • Outcome of the EU/NATO High-level event on Women, Peace and Security
    On 27 January 2010, European Commission VP Margot Wallström and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen hosted an event on women, peace and security with the participation of Spanish First Vice-President Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega and Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.