Campaign launch support from the Advocacy Project

The Advocacy Project

We are delighted to have received support to launch the campaign from the Advocacy Project (AP) through the Peace Fellows programme.

AP Peace Fellows worked with some IANSA members during the summer of 2009. They worked on research and data collection; profiled stakeholders and produced content; developed IT tools; media outreach; and produced campaign materials. Each Peace Fellow wrote about their work and experiences with IANSA members and you can read more about their experiences and progress in their personal blogs. Also, be sure to watch some of the short films they produced over the summer.

Argentina: Asociación para Politicas Públicas
Althea Middleton-Detzner

Canada: Project Ploughshares
Elizabeth Mandelman

Colombia:Colectivo Mujeres Pazificas
Rebecca Gerome

Namibia: Breaking the Wall of Silence
Johanna Wilkie

Nepal: SAP Nepal
Isha Mehmood

Portugal: Centre for Peace Studies/Observatory on Gender and Armed Violence
Aaron Fuchs

Serbia: Victimology Society of Serbia
Fanny Grandchamp

Uganda: The Centre for Conflict Resolution (CECORE)
Courtney Chance

Advocacy Project News Bulletin
18 June 2009
New Women's Network Seeks to End Gun Violence in the Home

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