Canada: CFUW calls for the defeat of bill C-391; dismantling gun registry a threat to public safety

28 September 2009

Today, Monday, September 28, 2009, Bill C-391: an Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act (to repeal the gun registry) will enter into second reading in the House of Commons. Bill C-391 intends to eliminate long-gun registration and to destroy all existing registration records.

This is despite the fact that information about the guns individuals own is essential to Canada’s police agencies; the gun registry is consulted by police 10,000 times a day and has helped in efforts to take preventive actions and in several investigations.

Rifles and shotguns are the firearms most often used to kill women and children in domestic violence. 88% of Canadian women killed with guns are killed with a shotgun or rifle, the very guns that supporters of Bill C-391 say are not the cause of gun violence.

The Canadian Federation of University Women believes that gun control is an important measure to help prevent public violence and especially domestic violence against women and children. The CFUW calls upon Members of Parliament of all parties to vote against Bill C-391 to reduce violence in Canadian families and communities.

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