The Infer Trust, a national registered charity raising awareness of the problems associated with gun misuse involving both legally and illegally held guns, is providing advice, support and networking opportunities for those affected by gun violence including armed domestic violence.

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Also in the UK, The Gun Control Network (GCN) campaigns for tight gun laws in the UK. The organisation also monitors and collates media reports of gun incidents, collects and analyses data on firearms offences and raises issues concerned with the dangers associated with gun ownership, both legal and illegal, including the misuse of guns in domestic incidents. It liaises with victims, journalists, politicians and police representatives.

GCN compiles lists of gun incidents from media articles and reports which appear to have involved family members, partners or ex-partners, close friends or neighbours. The easy availability of a gun to one of those involved inevitably increases the danger in any given situation, sometimes with fatal consequences.

GCN knows that this list does not include every domestic incident in which a gun will have been used to intimidate, threaten or injure. Many incidents will go unreported because the victim will have been left in fear of further threats or will retain some loyalty to the perpetrator. GCN believes the list to represent the tip of a disturbing iceberg.

2004–2010 (last updated 15 February 2010)
Compiled by Gun Control Network