In Argentina between 1997 and 2005, women accounted for 58% of homicides and 24.9% of suicides that were committed with firearms.

The Asociación para Políticas Públicas has produced a brochure with information about the problem of violence against women and the use of guns, the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign, and the policies it promotes.

It also includes details about the new Argentinean law to prevent and eradicate violence against women (Law 26.485), and the need to include reference to the use of guns on its narrative core. The law is not yet regulated, but is an important legal instrument that represents a significant progress on the area of women’s rights.

APP interacted with various civil society organizations working with violence against women such as Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM), Amnistía Internacional Argentina, Mujeres en Igualdad, Instituto Social y Político de la Mujer, Centro de Estudios Sociales y Legales (CELS) and it is hoped that they will support the campaign.

The development of the Observatory on Gender Violence will be a good place to concentrate the campaign efforts to collect data about the use of arms in cases of domestic violence. There is also the possibility of including the questionnaire in approximately 10-30 shelters in Argentina. This would be a good opportunity to get an overview of the problem as some shelters receive as many as 50 women per day. This would enable APP to collect valuable statistical data in support of the campaign.