UNSCR 1325: Is it only about war? Armed violence in non-war contexts (2010)

29 March 2010
Instead of focusing on the operational gaps hindering the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000), this publication argues that gaps are mostly product of the concepts of gender, violence, security that inform the Resolution. Two particular criticisms that have emerged in the analysis of 1325 will be addressed: i) the equation of violence as war, and particularly the equation of war gendered violence as violence suffered by women and girls only; and consequently ii) the idea of war and post-war at the domestic level as the main source of insecurity for women, the international community (of non-warring States) being the main guarantor of peace and security. By emphasising the articulations between war and peace zones both domestically and internationally, this paper will elaborate on one of the facets of violence production and reproduction omitted by the Resolution: armed violence in non war zones.
Rita Santos, Tatiana Moura, Sílvia Roque
Peace Studies Research Group / CES-FEUC
Centro de Estudos Sociais, Coimbra, Portugal
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