Jamaica: Strengthening Understandings of how Borders and Boundaries affect the Lives of Women and Men in the Lyndhurst/Greenwich Park Community (2010)

31 March 2010
This study examines the repercussions of crossing the 'borders' in the war-torn communities of Lyndhurst/Greenwich in Jamaica. Many of the participants described borders and boundaries as a physical barrier and or an invisible line or point of separation in communities. Many of these borders are created by very young men who exercise an extraordinary power, due to their access to guns and large amounts of cash from illegal activities. These borders affect everyone in the community by restricting movement, violating human rights and perpetuating an atmosphere of fear. Women, however, experience these criminal restrictions and the culture of violence and turf in uniquely devastating ways.
Violet Ferreira-Sutherland
The Women's Resource and Outreach Centre and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
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