Spain: Not immune to armed domestic violence

06 April 2010

Last weekend three more women died at the hands of their intimate partners in Barcelona, Castellón and Almería. Two of these were shot.

In Castellón a 64 year old woman was shot dead by her 66 year old husband. It is thought that the couple had an argument and that the woman went out into the street, followed by the husband armed with a shotgun, who shot her. He then returned to the house and turned the gun on himself. The incident took place at around midnight.

The second incident took place in Almería when the dead bodies of a couple were discovered inside a car. It is thought that the man shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

Near Barcelona a 35 year old man was arrested for the murder of his wife, aged 33 years old. The police were called to the house by friends when the couple failed to turn up for dinner with them. The police found the woman dead, apparently strangled, and the husband attempting to kill himself. He was in his garage with the car engine turned on.

Originally published in Spanish on on 6 April 2010