The Disarm Domestic Violence campaign goes to the end of the world

In Ushuia (Argentina), the southernmost city in the world, more than 90 women community leaders, government officials, journalists and students participated in an event to support the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign on 29 March 2010 organised by the Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP) and Ushuaia Parliament, with the support of the IANSA Women’s Network.

Tierra del Fuego’s Council President opened the event and thanked the IANSA Women’s Network for bringing the campaign to the “end of the world” and supporting these kinds of activities that allow cities like Ushuaia to get involved in such important issue.

The event raised awareness about armed violence against women in Argentina, and the world; promoted the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign; and created a space for sharing ideas, concerns and experiences about women’s role in society and the need to stop gender based violence.

Women from all sectors participated in the event, including parliamentarians, journalists, lawyers, psychologists, university researchers, civil society workers, religious, housewives, and also some men.

Maria Paula Cellone, from APP and the IANSA Women's Network, talked about armed violence against women in Argentina. She explained the aims and objectives of the Disarm Domestic Violence Campaign and the need for more municipalities and Provinces to become involved. She stressed the urgency to develop new regulations and enforce existing legislation in order to address the problem of armed domestic violence and guns in the home. Moreover, she linked the issue to the current struggle for women rights and the connections between all human rights to argue that laws should be more effectively and efficiently implemented.

Bulletins, publications, and materials from the IANSA Women's Network and information about the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign were widely distributed. Many participants showed great interest in the materials and wanted to know more about gun violence against women in Tierra del Fuego and Argentina.

APP gave a radio interview and the event was covered by some local journals:

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