Peru: 24.6% of women killed in 2009 were shot

08 April 2010

IANSA women from Amnesty International in Peru have shared the findings from a recent report by the Peruvian Observatory on Criminality. Since 2009 the National Attorney’s Office has allowed the Observatory on Criminality to analyse disaggregated data to determine the characteristics of the murders of women and men.
  • The report shows that 24.6% of women that were killed in 2009 were shot. This is from a total of 276 reported murders of women in Peru that year.
  • From these, 135 are classified as ‘feminicidios’ (murders of women for gender related causes) and 18.5% of these women were shot.
  • 70% of these deaths were perpetrated by the current or former intimate partner of the victim.
  • Another 110 cases of women’s murders are not classified as feminicidios and 39.1% of these deaths were caused by firearms.
  • It is suspected that the remaining 31 victims fall under the category of feminicidio however the investigations have not yet concluded.

Source: Public Ministry of Peru, Observatory on Criminality

Such reports are an important step in highlighting the prevalence of guns used in violence against women, even though we know that many more instances remain unrecorded including when women are threatened, subjugated and intimidated at gunpoint.

If your country or city has an observatory, government or police department which records similar data please let us know.

Peruvian Observatory on Criminality