Canada: Remember mothers of gun victims

09 May 2010

Remembering the words of Suzanne Laplante-Edward, Audette Shephard, Karen Vanscoy, Elaine Lumley, Priscilla deVilliers and Louise de Sousa and all the other families who all lost children to guns on Mother's Day.

Mothers for Gun Control have created a video

Suzanne Laplante Edward has written an letter to Members of Parliament at

According to the Gun Control Coalition, Canada's firearms legislation has proved its value and helped drive down the rates of firearm death and injury in Canada.

Women's organizations from across the country have stressed the importance of the firearms registry because rifles and shotguns are the guns most often used to kill women and children in domestic violence. Police groups, labour, health experts, nursing organizations, suicide prevention groups are among those calling all members of parliament to defeat Bill C-391 which will dismantle the long gun registry.

Coalition for Gun Control