UN SCR 1325 10th Anniversary - Activism for Serious Support

23 June 2010

This memo gives some insight into proposals for activities at UN Headquarters in New York as recommended by The Civil Society Advisory Group to the UN on Women, Peace and Security (CSAG) which advises the High-Level Steering Committee of the heads of United Nations agencies and entities on ensuring a coherent and coordinated approach to implementing UNSCR 1325 within the UN system.

In April 2010 CSAG presented recommendations on key events to commemorate the 10th Anniversary on UNSCR 1325, recommending three principal activities to provide the basis for high level political attention and meaningful outcomes on women, peace and security:

  1. A High-level “Commitments to Action” Event convened by the Secretary-General in September at the time of the UN General Assembly opening session;
  2. An Arria-formula Meeting of Member States of the Security Council in October;
  3. A Security Council Ministerial Level Open Debate on Women Peace and Security in October.

This CSAG memo updates the recommendations, providing greater specificity based on conversations with Member States, civil society and UN representatives. As the anniversary fast approaches, CSAG urges member states and UN entities to act with urgency to ensure that the proposed key events take place and are successful in generating renewed support for achieving the goals embodied in UNSCR 1325.


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