USA: The Peace Angels Project

25 June 2010

The mission of the Art of Peace Charitable Trust (AOPCT) is to prevent and eradicate the proliferation of small firearms and weapons of destruction through innovative and durable approaches to arms reduction.

As we know the deadly problem of gun violence is fundamentally gendered, men, women, boys and girls being differently impacted, differently involved and having different responses to gun violence. Men comprise the majority of those who use small arms and also the majority of the victims of gun violence. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but in countries that publish statistics it appears that about 80-90% of the people who die by gunshots are male.

The AOPCT has made a short film 'Illegal gun owners are giving up weapons' to explain their mission of recasting surrendered weapons to create inspirational public sculptures called Peace Angels.

This film includes men who have recognised the costs of gun culture to their own safety, and to that of their community. As former owners or users of guns, they are acting for change, challenging the inevitability of the link between violent masculinities and gun culture.

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