Colombia: Women and People's Summit of the Americas against Militarisation

12 July 2010

“Silence the weapon so that women and the people may speak in defence of life and sovereignty.” The Women and People’s Summit of the Americas against Militarisation will take place in Colombia from 16–23 August 2010.
  • Solidarity and Resistance Action to the regions of Colombia (16th – 20th August)
  • Round Table Discussions (21st – 22nd August)
  • Vigil for life. (23rd August)

The organisers say:

"We call on women - peasant, Indigenous, African, academic, working class, students, church, social, political, and women's organizations, along with all social organizations of our country, and our sisters and brothers of the world, to participate together in this grand gathering for life, autonomy, and sovereignty of bodies and territories.

We call on continental and global networks that are struggling for the dignity and life that we may continue weaving together the alternatives that were advanced in previous hemispheric gatherings against the militarization of the continent and the military bases. That we move forward together to strengthen this initiative of existing proposals that are directed at the construction of a more balanced and just world.

We call on our colleagues, women and men, to join in solidarity with our common struggle for a negotiated political solution to the social and armed conflict that lives in our country. Together, we raise our voices against The United States’ military bases in Colombia and in our America."

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