Brazil: The film "Right to Mourn" awarded at International Film Festival

09 November 2010

The documentary film Luto como Mãe" (Right to Mourn) has won the award for Best Documentary at the International Film Festival of Bolívia (FENAVID), in Santa Cruz de La Sierra.

The film, directed by Luís Carlos Nascimento and produced by Cinema Nosso, Jabuti Filmes and TVZero, was made in partnership with IANSA member the Observatory on Gender and Armed Violence (OGAV/CES, University of Coimbra), and the Centre for Studies on Security and Citizenship (CESeC, Cândido Mendes University, Brazil).

“Right to Mourn” is focused on the histories of survivors of gun violence including mothers, sisters and widows who have lost their relatives in urban gun violence incidents and, for this reason, struggle with trauma, family disruption, financial difficulties and stigma. In face of these difficulties, these women are drawn together by their common pain and struggle, seeking to regain some sense to their lives through the search for justice and memory.

According to Elizabeth Paulino, one of the relatives who participate in the documentary, the film is “some sort of a living historical document. It addresses a very painful subject, but a necessary one. It portrays what happens after the violent incidents, the feelings of the family and friends, the difficulties in fighting impunity. It gives visibility to our struggle and it humanises the victims. It shows that these aren’t just statistics. They had a history.”

The film competed with other six productions, two from Bolivia, two from Spain and two from Brazil.

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