P@x 15: Violence and Small Arms: The Portuguese Case

07 January 2011

The latest edition of P@x, the online newsletter of the Peace Studies Group (NEP/CES) of the Centre for Social Studies (School of Economics, University of Coimbra, Portugal). This issue is dedicated to ‘Violence and Small Arms: The Portuguese Case’ and contains articles by IANSA women, including one on armed domestic violence in Portugal.

This edition contains:
Editorial, José Manuel Pureza and Tatiana Moura

P@X Theory:

  • ”Small arms supply in Portugal: legal and illegal markets“, Júlio César Purcena
  • “Small arms demand in Portugal: profiles, uses and motivations”, Tatiana Moura and Rita Santos

P@x Studies:

  • “Gun violence in numbers: the dead and the wounded”, Carla Afonso
  • “Armed violence costs in Portugal: hospital costs, productivity loss and intangible costs associated to victims“, Pedro Godinho and Joana Dias
  • “Domestic violence and firearms in Portugal”, Marta Peça and Rita Santos
  • “The legal framework of Firearms and Ammunition in Portugal: between advances and risks”, Carla Afonso

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