UK: No Women No Peace campaign

02 February 2011

As you may know, the IANSA Women’s Network is a member of Gender Action for Peace and Security UK (GAPS UK), an expert working group of peace and development NGOs, academics and grassroots peace builders.

On 31 January 2011, GAPS members presented Government Champion for tackling International Violence Against Women, Ms Lynne Featherstone, Member of Parliament, with a petition asking her to prioritise women affected by conflict.

The petition is part of the 'No Women No Peace Campaign' focussing on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 which recognises the devastating impact of conflict on women and the importance of women’s involvement in peacebuilding. Over 1,200 people signed the petition which asks Ms Featherstone to make UN Resolution 1325 her New Year’s Resolution.

Laura Hotchkiss, GAPS Director said, "Security Council Resolution 1325 was unprecedented when passed in 2000. Progress has stalled. For women in conflict to feel its effect government must now reassert its importance."

The No Women No Peace campaign presses for the full implementation of UN Resolution 1325 and makes the case that in order to build stable societies women must be included in all aspects of peacebuilding.

The signatures were presented by Charlotte Onslow, Chair of GAPS, at a meeting between Lynne Featherstone and representatives from civil society.

Sign the petition. Tell the UK Government to make Resolution 1325 its New Year's Resolution!