International Training Seminar on 'Gender Dimensions in DDR'

25 August 2011

The Norwegian Defence University College (NODEFIC), in collaboration with the Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR, is holding an International Training Seminar on ‘Gender Dimensions in Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration’ which will take place from 23-29 October 2011 in Oslo, Norway.

Participants are expected to have a strong knowledge of DDR and a professional need to learn about gender responsive DDR programming. The course is specifically designed for senior-level DDR managers and practitioners and course participation of (UN) DDR managers with gender focal points is encouraged. The training is also open to DDR practitioners from other governmental organisations (i.e. regional organisations, World Bank, EU), national governments (DDR commissions and relevant line ministries), donor community, military/police staff officers (deployed or to be deployed), NGOs and civil society organisations.

Although there is no participation fee for the training, participants are asked to cover travel and accommodation costs (food and accommodation is 100 Euro/day) and daily expenses during their stay in Oslo. Participants will also be responsible for making their own visa arrangements. Upon request, limited financial assistance will be considered for participants from national DDR commissions and NGOs. DDR managers attending jointly with gender focal points may request financial support from NODEFIC to cover travel or accommodation costs of one of the participants.

Please see the invitation (PDF document below) for more information about the application process. The deadline for applications is 2 September 2011.


Original Document:
2011 DDR and Gender Course Invitation to NODEFIC.pdf (437367 bytes)