IANSA women in Paraguay are campaigning for a comprehensive law to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women and to include provisions to remove guns from perpetrators in cases of domestic violence.

On 14 September 2011, activists from Amnesty International Paraguay delivered a petition with more than 500 signatures to the Minister for Women, Ms Gloria Rubin, and to representatives of the Drafting Committee responsible for the law.

Ms Rosalia Vega, Director of the Paraguayan section of Amnesty International said, "We urge the drafting committee [...] to investigate the relationship between the ownership and possession of firearms and domestic violence in homes." She added, "We also ask that the Draft will include measures such as ban on possession and carrying and, where appropriate, the confiscation of firearms in domestic violence cases."

Both the Minister for Women, and Maria Cristina Acosta, Rosana Hermosa and Graciela Zelaya of the Drafting Committee expressed their commitment to incorporate the request in the preparation of the law.

You can sign also onto the online petition and show your support!

Go to: http://www.amnesty.org.py/actua/Ley-prevencion-erradicacion-violencia-co...

Data on violence against women

According to the Ministry for Women, between January-August 2011 there were 1,618 cases of violence against women (physical, psychological, economic and sexual). This is an average of 7 cases per day.

Firearms Facts

Guiding gun control legislation in Paraguay is Law 4.036 which was passed in August 2010 on firearms, their parts and components, ammunition, explosives and related accessories. An estimated 1 million firearms are in civilian hands and only 30% are registered.

56.7% of all homicides in Paraguay were committed with a gun [1]. There are on average 3 deaths every 2 days [2].


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[2] Departamento de Estadística de la Policía Nacional en base a datos proporcionados por la Dirección General de Orden y Seguridad, año 2009