India: IANSA woman shares experience in Sunday Pioneer article

05 January 2012

An article by IANSA woman, Binalakshmi Nepram, has been published in the Sunday Pioneer newspaper and includes details about her first-hand experience of gun violence in India and efforts to control small arms.

She writes, “As a woman from a conflict zone, I have felt the damage, the pain, and the tragedy which comes to our lives because of a continuing lack of peace and justice. It is time to turn the table because it is through our lens that we know where it hurts, that we know where the weapons are, that we know that weapons alone or militarisation alone does not resolve conflicts. It’s we who feed our children. It’s we who feed the world. Hence an important area of our work against gun violence takes the form of direct intervention in the lives of women gun survivors.”

The full article is online at:

Sunday Pioneer