IANSA women are participating in the 4th Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Preparatory Committee (13-17 February 2012) and will build on past successes. Our latest position paper, 'The Arms Trade Treaty: An Important Opportunity to Prevent Gender Based Violence at Gunpoint' includes why and how the ATT must include measures to prevent gender based violence and sexual violence against women.

If the ATT is to be an effective legal instrument in regulating the international arms trade, recognition of the specific potential impacts of international transfers on women and their rights should be included. Such an approach would be consistent with broader UN practice of the inclusion of a gender perspective. It would also ensure that the international standards within the ATT to regulate conventional arms comprehensively addresses the full range of potential risks associated with trading and transfers.

IANSA women are using the position paper to support their lobbying and advocacy of delegates at the UN and it can also be used in elsewhere, in our work with government representatives and elected officials in our countries. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need support or assistance when lobbying in capital.

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