This activity report from the Gun Free Kitchen Tables (GFKT) project highlights progress and the tangible momentum achieved in 2011 to demand enforcement of an existing Israeli law restricting security guards’ authorisation to bear arms, to the guards' worksites only.

In 2010, IANSA women at The Gun Free Kitchen Tables (GFKT) project of the Isha L’Isha Feminist Centre issued a first public call for no guards' guns in homes, fed by the urgency and outrage of two after-duty shootings with guards' guns in Israel.

The latest (known) murder with a security guard’s off-duty gun occurred on 11 December 2011. Aviva Makesh Jambar was shot and killed by her former husband, who then committed suicide with the same gun. GFKT activists have known for years now that accelerated small arms proliferation in Israel, spearheaded by a huge, disproportionate, security guard industry, poses a lethal threat to human security, and predominantly women’s security. We have long been aware that the next murder with a security guard’s gun (most often, of a woman) is just a matter of time.

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