IANSA woman Alice Ukoko recognised by Worldwide Who's Who

13 March 2012

IANSA woman Alice Ukoko, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women of Africa, has been recognised by Worldwide Who's Who for her work, dedication and leadership in support of women’s rights and gender equality.

Alice is currently working to hold the first Congress of African Women to constitute and launch African Women's Commission to represent Africa's civil society with women taking the lead and to launch Project Africa Direct, which aims to connect Africa Diaspora and friends of Africa worldwide with Africa grassroots for empowerment of Africans.

At the Congress scheduled to be held in an African country to be confirmed, African women would launch a fund for their headquarters and solicit partners to drive the support needed for African women within Africa to contribute of their own survival and restoration of Africa.

In 1994, Alice founded Women of Africa, which was originally known as Women of Nigeria International, to contribute to the campaign to end direct military dictatorship in her own country of Nigeria in order to bring about democracy and respect for the rights of Nigerians.

Alice attempted to contest the Governorship of her home Delta State - Nigeria in the April 2007 general elections. Alice's aim was to give women an opportunity to judiciously govern and apply the crude oil and natural liquid gas resources of the State in place of the plundering and human tragedy that the richness of the State has become.

For more information about Women of Africa, visit http://www.womenofafrika.org

Women of Africa