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  • Minnesota,US: Following the firearms - A reporter's notebook
    Firearms are the most accessible and lethal tool people use to kill others. In the US city of Minneapolis last year, 30 of the city's 40 homicides were committed with a firearm. Law enforcement officials say a majority of people locked up for committing felony level gun crimes were felons forbidden by law to possess firearms including through incidents of domestic violence.
  • Cote d'Ivoire: Women bring food to market, against all odds
    Vegetable seller Caroline Tibet recently lost about US$420 in aubergines, cassava and okra when gunfire broke out near the truck just loaded up with her goods near the town of Duékoué in western Côte d'Ivoire.
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Les femmes continuent d'approvisionner le marchér
    Cet article d’IRIN, un service du Bureau des Nations Unies pour la coordination des affaires humanitaires, met en évidence le rôle des femmes dans l'économie locale et le combat pour assurer la subsistance en raison de la violence armée.
  • CSW 2011: CEDAW Committee Statement - women and armed conflict references
    The statement by Ms Silvia Pimentel, Chair of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) presented to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on 22 February 2011 includes specific reference to aspects of our work as IANSA women, including the disproportionate impact of armed conflict on women; the need to strengthen the Treaty body framework which we should take into account as the Arms Trade Treaty moves forward; and the issue of various groups at risk in conflict and post conflict contexts.
  • Canada: IWD - Gun Control Helps Keep Women Safe
    To mark the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Coalition for Gun Control in Canada published the briefing ‘Gun Control Helps Keep Women Safe’. It also contains a call for action and details of how you can get involved to help defend the existing law in Canada.
  • Guns, war and the domestic battlefield
    This article was published on openDemocracy on 8 March 2011. As guns proliferate in a worldwide market with few controls, many get diverted from state and rebel armies to petty criminals and 'the man in the street'. Sexual and domestic violence is becoming more deadly, reports Cynthia Cockburn.
  • IANSA women sign onto IWD statement
    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the IANSA Women’s Network signed on the statement (attached) which aims to highlight that women are more than just victims of armed conflict, whose contributions and skills are required for sustainable peace.
  • International Women's Day 2011
    Today hundreds of events are taking place around the world to mark and celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Many IANSA women from Afghanistan to El Salvador are holding activities today and throughout the month of March. I would also like to take a few moments to congratulate you all on your achievements and successes during the last 12 months. It is you – incredible IANSA women – that make the IANSA Women’s Network such a strong, diverse and dynamic network.
  • NGO WG: Monthly Action Points for the UN Security Council - March 2011
    As a member of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, we are pleased to share the latest Monthly Action Points (MAP) for the UN Security Council.
  • Ivory Coast eyewitness: Women 'slaughtered by soldiers'
    The attention of the world may be on the Middle East but violence is apparent elsewhere. This eyewitness account from a woman in Cote d’Ivoire highlights the urgent need for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). IANSA women have joined the call for the Treaty to cover all weapons, munitions and related equipment for the use of force in military, police and internal security operations enforcement to ensure that the Treaty will prevent grave human rights abuses.
  • IANSA women at launch of UN Women - Speech by Executive Director Michelle Bachelet
    IANSA women are active participants in this year's UN Commission for the Status of Women (CSW). The fact that the CSW and ATT PrepCom are taking place in parallel is another valuable opportunity to bring women into the field of small arms control, and to relate the issue of gun violence against women to the work of the wider women's movement of which we are part.
  • WILPF: International Women's Day seminar on women and disarmament
    The 8 March marks International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s efforts for equality and a reminder of challenges yet to be overcome. This year, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and its projects Reaching Critical Will and PeaceWomen have organised a seminar on “Women, disarmament, arms control, and non-proliferation,” that focuses on implications of and follow-up to the UN General Assembly resolution of this name adopted in December 2010.
  • UK: No Women No Peace campaign
    As you may know, the IANSA Women’s Network is a member of Gender Action for Peace and Security UK (GAPS UK), an expert working group of peace and development NGOs, academics and grassroots peace builders.
  • Tucson, Juarez and an Assault Weapons Ban
    Many thanks to the Women Peacemakers Program of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation for sharing the following article which highlights women's involvement as survivors, victims and advocates in efforts against gun violence.
  • UN Call for Good Practices to Prevent Violence Against Women
    Thanks to WUNRN for sharing this information about the UN Call for Good Practices to Prevent Violence Against Women. This is a very good opportunity to highlight the incidence and impact of gun violence upon women, and the use of small arms in violence against women including threats and intimidation. For example, in 2009, IANSA women specifically highlighted the issue of armed domestic violence as part of the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign.
  • UN-LiREC Strengthens the Capacity of Andean Women in Controlling Illicit Firearms Trafficking
    IANSA is delighted that our women-only Training Institute model* is inspiring others around the world to engage in similar women-focused initiatives.
  • UN-LiREC fortalece las capacidades de las mujeres andinas en el control del tráfico ilícito de armas de fuego
    Es un gusto para mí compartir esta noticia del Centro Regional de las Naciones Unidas para la Paz, el Desarme y el Desarrollo en América Latina y el Caribe (UN-LiREC).
  • P@x 15: Violence and Small Arms: The Portuguese Case
    The latest edition of P@x, the online newsletter of the Peace Studies Group (NEP/CES) of the Centre for Social Studies (School of Economics, University of Coimbra, Portugal). This issue is dedicated to ‘Violence and Small Arms: The Portuguese Case’ and contains articles by IANSA women, including one on armed domestic violence in Portugal.
  • SALW references in Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) working paper on UN SCR 1325
    The Civil Society Advisory Group on Women, Peace, and Security (CSAG) advises the High-Level Steering Committee of the heads of UN agencies and entities on ensuring a coherent and coordinated approach to implementing UNSCR 1325 and subsequent resolutions on women, peace, and security within the UN system. In consultation with civil society, CSAG has prepared a series of working papers with concrete recommendations for action by the UN, member states, and civil society.
  • NGO WG: Monthly Action Points for the UN Security Council - January 2011
    As a member of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, we are pleased to share the latest Monthly Action Points (MAP) for the UN Security Council.