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IANSA publications

Since 1998 a wide range of publications and resource materials have been produced by the IANSA Network. Production has been possible with donations and grants and all publications are produced on a non-profit basis by a small staff, including interns and volunteers who have assisted with translations and at various other levels within the production process.

Please note: Not all of the titles within this section are necessarily IANSA publications, nor all publishers/authors IANSA members. Please contact us if you have any queries.

The Impact of Guns on Women’s Lives 31 May 2005
This report looks at the impact on women of guns in the home, in communities and during and after conflict. In each of these contexts, it looks at violence committed with guns against women, the role women play in gun use, and the campaigns women are spearheading against gun violence.
The Relevance of Gender for Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction 31 May 2005
This paper is an adaptation of material presented by Dr. Carol Cohn and Felicity Hill to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission on 12 June 2005, incorporating ideas and comments raised during the session.
Putting a Human Face to the Problem of Small Arms Proliferation - Gender Implications for the Effective Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms 31 January 2005
This paper provides a general background to the interrelationship between the 2001 UN Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (PoA) and gender. It also makes recommendations on how the PoA can be better implemented and provides textual recommendations for consideration during the 2006 review process.
Gender Awareness in Research on Small Arms and Light Weapons: A Preliminary Report 31 December 2004
This report discusses how gender ideologies might influence people’s attitudes to small arms. It argues that gender shapes and constrains the behavior and attitudes of women and men, including creating differences in their approaches to and use of small arms.
Gender Perspectives on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Regional and International Concerns 30 June 2002
This publication gives a comprehensive overview of how local gender ideologies not only determine attitudes to small arms but underpin social and political practices which make women more vulnerable to violence everywhere.
In the Line of Fire: A Gender Perspective on Small Arms Proliferation, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution 05 January 2001
Report of a 2001 seminar held in preparation for the UN World Conference on Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects. Participants discussed the impact of small arms and light weapons proliferation on communities, emphasizing the gender aspect of the issue.